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Who's Who at LifeFlight Eagle -- Sherri Dean - Director of Clinical Services

Sample ImageLifeFlight Eagle welcomes Sherri Dean as the new Director of Clinical Services replacing Mitch Babb who is moving on to a new phase of his career.  In her new position, Sherri will provide leadership and clinical management of the LifeFlight Eagle medical transport system.  
A Kansas City native, Sherri received her nursing degree from Mid-America Nazarene University in 1994 and her Masters in Health Administration at Webster University in 2006. 
Sherri says she knew in high school she wanted to be a nurse. She also knew she wanted her degree in four years, something relatively rare at the time. Despite the fact there were many nursing students and not a lot of nursing jobs in the mid 1990’s, Sherri finished her degree and started as a new graduate at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Labor & Delivery and the Special Care Nursery.

While with Shawnee Mission, Sherri was consistently exposed to air ambulance transport. She could clearly see that critical patients were often transferred by helicopter to other facilities, and she often found herself wanting to go with them. 
“I wanted to provide care for those patients and was ready for the challenge,” says Sherri.

Later Sherri advanced her career at Children’s Mercy Hospital, first in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit and then spending the majority of her time in patient transport – ground, rotor-wing and fixed-wing. Eleven years later, in 2006, Sherri took her next step by heading back to Shawnee Mission Medical Center as a nurse manager in the women’s and children’s service line.

Drawing on her extensive experience, Sherri will be responsible for selecting, motivating, and providing growth for the LifeFlight Eagle medical flight crews. 

“I’ve always loved an environment where I can help people feel better about doing their jobs and I’ve always been drawn to the more challenging roles and patients,” Sherri says.

That means overseeing the medical staff to assure they are appropriately trained, duly certified and licensed in order that high quality, up-to-date medical care is provided for our patients. 

Sherri will also provide oversight of the base supervisors to assure communication and connectivity of the remote-based personnel. She will direct the efforts toward keeping all licensure up to date, as well as, the reaccreditation process.

“I love patient care,” says Sherri. “The environment is variable and uncontrolled and that drives the importance of my managerial support which helps those who fly do their job to the best of their ability.”

“What I love about air ambulance transport is that we touch so many different lives,” says Sherri. “Personalities drawn to the air medical industry are dynamic. The people are strong in clinical skills and they maintain a sense of who they are. The risk they take to help others comes without question – they just do it. Their willingness to teach and support each other is unsurpassed.”

Sherri has also spent time consulting in the air ambulance industry, particularly in marketing and outreach. Sherri and her husband, Chris, have two boys, Bryce (10) and Tyler (8). 

“I’m excited to be with LifeFlight Eagle. Our impact on patients is profound – they don’t ever forget us. Even when the situation does not end happily, our community service is nevertheless memorable. The chance to touch lives is why I’m here.”

LifeFlight Eagle is a CAMTS Accredited Program